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Editing Midsurface Features

The Edit—>Feature—> function supports both the midsurface and face pair editing functionality. The following is a table listing the editing functions applicable to both midsurface and face pair features.

NOTE: There is a unique parameter editing dialog available for midsurface features, and another for the face pair features. You can access these dialogs by choosing the desired feature for editing.

You can select a midsurface to edit either by indicating the existing midsurface or face pair feature from the graphics screen or by selecting the appropriate feature from the Midsurface Feature Selection dialog.

Once you have selected a midsurface feature to edit, choose OK, and the Edit Midsurface Feature Parameters dialog appears. This dialog lets you edit the selected feature. Two editing options are available: Edit Tolerance and Add Face Pairs. (The Add Face Pairs options are the same as those used in midsurface creation.)

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